Sink Repair and Installation Services

Are you having a hard time with your broken kitchen sink? Fix this issue immediately with the help from the experts of Astracast. They’re specialized in any sink repair such as clogged or leaking sink. Having sorts of these sink problems can hinder your everyday household chores since sinks are among the most used kitchen and bathroom components that are very vulnerable to get broken.

There are times when your sink isn’t working properly, and the only solution is to completely replace it with a new one. Atracast specialists for repair and installation of the sink are always ready to serve you whether it is for your home or commercial needs. Anything about sinks, Atracast can help. Here are the specific services Astracast has to offer:

Bathroom Sink Services

From hair accumulation to soap remains to foreign objects such as coins or cotton pads, all of these can be a cause to the most conventional restroom sink concern which is clogged drain. Fortunately, there are DIY methods you can take like using a sink plunger to unclog your bathroom sink. However, if you have already done all you can and the problem is still not fixed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Astract. We guarantee that our experts will repair your clogged sewage pipes and won’t leave until you’re fully satisfied with your sink.

Apart from fixing clogged sinks, Astract also offers a wide array of restroom sink repairs which include rectifying drains with leaks, revamping damages on ceramic or porcelain basins and installing or substituting the old sink with a new one for your bathroom renovation.

Kitchen Sink Services

Clogged kitchen sinks usually develop over time due to faulty garbage disposal, grease accumulation or buildup of leftover food and many more. When you have a dysfunctional kitchen sink, it can lead to major difficulties since it is considered as the heart of the kitchen. To unclog your kitchen sink, you may use a sink plunger, a stick to loosen up the drain or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. If these methods don’t work, contact your local Astracast plumber.

While we are prominent in unclogging drains, Astracast also provides a number of kitchen sink repairs including fixing leaky faucets, installing new faucets and organizing proper waste disposal system. Call Astracast now and tell us what your needs are as our experts are always ready to help you.

Commercial Sink and Drain Plumbing Services

Having an efficient commercial drainage system is vital in any kind of business. Commercial sinks should promote proper sanitation whether they are used in washing the dishes, maintaining the cleanliness of your establishment or giving your employees proper hygiene. Therefore, clogged drainage is a big no-no as it can deeply affect the operation of your business.

Compared to residential bathroom and kitchen sinks, commercial ones are more intricate. They manage more volume of water; thus, they should operate with extra efficient straining mechanism to keep unwanted objects from affecting the sewage system. This and many other commercial drain services are our fields of focus. So if you need an expert’s assistance in maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of your establishment, call our local Astracast team near you.