Appliance Stores That Receive Bitcoin Payment In the United States

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Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin in business transactions is not an option for all appliance stores like Bitpm. However, there are some that receive Bitcoin in the United States. If you own Bitcoin these stores give you a chance to utilize them during business transactions. The following are some of these stores.

  • Clean it supply

It is a wholesale company that deals with office and janitorial supplies. They are always committed so as to ensure you receive quality services. Janitorial supplies are also given at discounted prices. The shipping process is made quickly for easy and early distribution because it deals with wholesale supplies. Bitcoin payment is always accepted here.

  • com

It deals with Centerlen services and this was set up in 2003. They are specialized in the food industry services by ensuring efficient refrigeration. It provides parts of equipment that deal with foodservice and this is majorly in commercial refrigeration. Some of the simple replacements include door hinges, gaskets, and shelving. Complex replacements include compressors, expansion valves, and evaporator coils. All these services ensure your appliances are running effectively. You can pay using your Bitcoin.

  • ChinaBootik electronics

It supplies electronic products made in China and they are of very high quality. The products are refined depending on the consumer and market trends so as to ensure money is given its best value. In Shenzhen, many factories receive supplies from Focus and passion are very important and their products have a warranty of 12 months.

  • Dogtown innovative products

It deals with bubble bowls which are very important products in oils extraction. The appliances are durable and efficient.


It has a mission of offering services to the health sector by supplying botanical vaporizers. Australians are benefiting a lot from the vaporizers and payments can be made by using Bitcoin.

  • Outbond Oven

The products are designed to enable personal carry and usually have a lightweight of approximately 2 lbs. The products have a high-quality fabrication and they are also stainless steel. Reliability is a guarantee due to product efficiency and durability.

  • Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves

This has introduced a very effective way of changing the oil in vehicles. This enables easy draining of engine oil without using tools and it also eliminates any mess. The product is made of stainless steel and brass so as to eliminated chances of corrosion. It is also as easy as ABC when drawing oil for samples.

  • Off Grid Europe

It majorly deals with building supplies and gear for outdoor activities. You can get the best appliance here by using your Bitcoin.

  • Tre Dolce Bambini

This store specializes in manufacturing toys, accessories, and clothing for children. There are also products that can be used in computers or in the house.

  • LED projectors

Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin is accepted in this store when buying projectors. Other appliances include projection screens that are electric and comprehensive home cinemas.


The discussed stores in the United States accept digital currency therefore make sure you utilize your Bitcoins. The appliances are of high quality and durable so as to ensure the value of your money is met.

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