Important Plumbing Tips for Beginners

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As a beginner in the plumbing area, you need to conversant with several plumbing tips to succeed. With these tips from, you will be able to save a lot of cash by being able to repair wrecked toilets and leaking faucets that may require external experts.

Also, you will be able to take care of minor plumbing issues that may require professionals.

The plumbing basics will help you fix plumbing issues that may be an obstacle when buying & selling houses. Understanding these tips will also enable you to tackle tough plumbing issues alone such as small clogs and leaks without bringing in a professional that may require resources.

This does not mean that you neglect professional plumbers, you may just need to have their number when you experience any difficulties.

Remove clogs without the use of chemicals

It is advisable to use a drain snake when unclogging a drain rather than buying an expensive chemical. All you have to do is to insert the drain and push back out the clog attached. Alternatively, you can use a wet or dry shop vacuum to suck out the clog.

Regularly check your showerheads

Using a thread tape helps in fixing dripping showerhead easily. In most cases, leaking showerheads shows that the threads aren’t tightly connected. All you have to do is to unscrew the showerhead and fix apply new tape. This is done by wrapping it in a clockwise direction. Reattaching will help in stopping the drip.

Clogging in showerheads can easily be removed by soaking the bowl in warm water and vinegar for time not exceeding one hour. This helps in removing any mineral deposits that might be causing blockages in the spray.

Use heat to loosen tight pipe fittings

Loosening a tight pipe fitting with brute strength might seem difficult for as a beginner in plumbing. Applying heat will help in loosening an old solidified pipe.

Before applying the heat, you need to protect the walls from damage by covering with heat resistant materials. This does not apply to plastic pipes as this may cause damage.

Replace worn out parts in your toilet or faucet

Toilet flappers and faucets cartridge should be replaced frequently. Worn out toilet flappers may cause leaks between toilet tanks and bowl leading to extra cost in repair.

You can repair faucets by replacing the entire interior with a new cartridge.

Improve the efficiency of your water heater

As a beginner in plumbing, you need to make regular checks on your heater’s thermostat. Ensure that it is not set so high. Insulating your water heater tank is important as this will help to keep water hot for longer.

Drain water after every three tanks to remove sediments that might have collected at the bottom of the tank. The sediments at the bottom of the tank render the water tank inefficient.

Use thread tape to seal compounds

Thread sealing compound is commonly known as pipe dope. It drips and smears efficiently.  To seal compounds with thread tape, use a thicker tape for easier handling.


Buying & selling houses is made easier when the house is free from plumbing issues which can be a big turn-off to potential house sellers and buyers.

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