Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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If you’re bored with your bathroom and dream of changing it but don’t have a huge budget, there are many ways you can make inexpensive changes that are simple to do. You can start with small interior purchases such as new towels or by replacing hardware with more modern pieces. This article will give you inspiration and ideas on how to do so with ease.

Refresh Your Bathroom Hardware

For a simple and cost-effective update, you can replace smaller items such as your showerhead, taps, or toilet seat. However, with a slightly bigger budget, you could opt for a package update that would provide you with an easy and effective cohesive design suite to lift your new bathroom. Click here for more information on complete packages for your bathroom.

Instant Refresh

Adding new, soft and fluffy coloured bath towels, hand towels and bath mats will add a fresh pop of colour to your bathroom. For a contemporary update, try a patterned shower curtain that complements your new towels. Add a new scent or smell with a candle or diffuser, this will lift the mood and help create your desired ambiance.

Storage Solutions

You’ll instantly give your bathroom a new lease of life by organizing and decluttering. Try to improve on existing storage to remove excess clutter on show. Invest in a cabinet with pull out drawers and a mirror with hidden shelving behind. Floating shelves are another efficient way to add extra storage space for toiletries and they are easy to install if you’re a competent DIYer.

Shed Some New Light

Lighting can instantly lift a room and create the tone for the space. Often outdated bathroom lighting can be harsh and cast unflattering light. There are various ways to update lighting, through changing fixtures, to shades or even upgrading your lightbulbs to ones that cast a warm light can make a huge difference.

Colour The Walls

A coat or two of paint is one of the simplest ways to update a room. It’s important to test your paint as colours can change from room to room and throughout the day. Paint a piece of thick card with your colour options and move it around the room as the day goes on. You’ll notice the natural light changes the tone and depth of your colour choice. Opt for lighter colours to create the illusion of a bigger space, and highlight accents with richer tones. You should also update any cabinets with a suitable eggshell or semi-gloss paint to give them a fresh lease of life.

Add Customised Wall Art

Whether you choose to add framed artwork or your own photos (printed on to a treated canvas), prints can quickly enhance a space to give a warm and cozy feel. For more adventurous ideas, you could create a gallery wall with a collection of hanging prints and postcards or display favourite objects that evoke memories of holidays or trips to the coast. This can be a great way to personalize your bathroom space and create a relaxing and nostalgic environment.

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