How To Sell A House With Fire Damage

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Accidents can do happen even at times you are expecting something good. If a house is damaged by a fire, most will think that to sell house fast as possible. Even a portion of it has been torched down, almost no one will not panic of how much will be the financial loses.

However, a damaged house can still be sold to particular groups of people who still saw something of potential. These people can be investors or just regular working-class families whose passion lies in fixing things.

Things Needed To Be Handled After House Fire

Aside from ensuring your safety and the people involved, you need to make sure of the extent of the damage. The Red Cross organization can very well assist you with you the things you needed to handle. These are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Acquire permission from the Fire Marshall before re-entering to the damaged structure.
  • Communicate with the utility providers, informing them of the fire, and request for an emergency shutoff.
  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance company in order to start the processing of claims.
  • Hire a contractor specializing in fire restoration to evaluate the damage, offer a cost estimate, and begin the cleanup process.
  • Record all property damage by taking pictures and writing detailed notes.
  • Acquire an official report’s copy from the fire investigator about the incident for insurance purposes.
  • Open all airways to vent out the smoke inside from the rooms.
  • Empty the freezer and refrigerator if the electricity is cut-off.

Steps In Selling A House Damaged By Fire

Nowadays, you can still pretty much sell a house damaged by fire. Either with minor clean-up or torched as it is, as long as there are other qualities that give off an appeal, investors will still be interested. If you are an investor, here are the steps in order to sell the damaged house:

  •                  Restoration

The best way to sell the house is to re-invent it in a way the traces of the past are eliminated. Any soot, burns, melted material can be costly to remove from every corner exposed. So, to lessen the burden of the costs, it is mandatory to contact the home insurance companies and review the policies.

Some burnt houses are bought because of the location of the lot. It can be the only determining factor that helps you achieve better returns. Remember that you look it in an investment aspect, not a place you want to settle down.

  •                  Disclosure

It is encouraged to provide information to certainly interested buyers in the history of the house, particularly the blaze experienced. Some buyers might see it negatively, but as long as you assure them of the improvements being invested and done, they will surely be now thinking comfortably.

  •                  Record-keeping

Every buyer has the right to investigate with scrutiny, as long as it will not cause damage. It is important to document the restorations made and even what happened before that. They can be through photos taken, receipts and other tangible evidence.

  •                  Interrogation Preparation 

Interested buyers might want to confirm the cause of the blazing accident and what are the things included in the restoration to prevent it from happening again. You better be prepared to answer all inquiries to avoid causing unnecessary worries further.

  •                  Patience

Selling a house damaged by fire is a special case compared to a normal house being auctioned. It requires more documents, more time and effort to assure the buyers that the newly-presented house can be safely considered as a home. The transparency of your preparations can ease up the possible questions of the buyers. Have that patience in dealing with all of it, just to have the house sold.

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