Elevator or Lift: Which Is It?

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Some people get confused if it is called an elevator or lifts when they need to buy lift parts UK. Well, the fact is, an elevator is also called lift. It is a coach that travels in a vertical passage to transport passengers to different floors of a building. Most of the elevators are operated by motors powered by electricity, with the utilization of counterweight, with the application of pulley and tough cables. Elevators/lifts served a functional purpose to skyscrapers to improve the urban life of today’s well-developed cities.

Other Uses of Elevators

Elevators/lifts have different types that depend on their purpose. They can also be used not only in buildings, but also in dams, highly developed structures like rocket or space shuttle launchers, and also ships. Practically, all elevators/lifts operate through electricity either by:

•    Pulley and Counterweight

•    Electric Powered Hydraulic System

•    Winding-drum Mechanism

Other Kinds of Elevators

There are also different kinds of elevators depending on their way of operation. Here they are:

Single Elevator

Most elevators operate automatically with the use of different system control to function well in a single purpose or group. The earliest automatic elevator with a push-button system provides the user an individual use of the coach to travel between floors of:

•    Small apartment buildings

•    Small condominiums,

•    Cargo elevators of warehouses.

SingleCollective Operation Elevator

This is the most commonly used type of elevator in:

•    Larger condominiums

•    Apartments

•    Office buildings

•    Commercial or institutional structures.

The coach opens its doors and accepts passengers in one direction in a consecutive way, and then reverses direction to accept passengers in the opposite direction. There are also duplex collective elevators also known as a two-car elevator, which allows two coaches to function together next to each other.

Group Operation Elevator

This kind of elevator works as a group with two or more coaches, with timed operation in a certain operating time interval. This is used if there are a lot of elevator users within the establishment. This is mostly used in:

•    Hospitals

•    Malls

•    Department Stores

•    Large Office Buildings

Elevator Doors

One of the most important parts of elevators is the door. This is the main access of passengers whenever they use the coach to travel between the floors, but they also have variations with their function and purpose.

Separate Outer Doors or Car Doors

These two generally have the same operation. The coach’s door opens and close through a motor powered by electricity. The speed is controlled to prevent casualties from those who are caught as the door closes. An electronic sensor will reverse the door if it senses an object as the door closes.

Vertical Parting Doors

These are commonly used for delivery or cargo elevators. These doors are composed of upper and lower doors that slide vertically in opposite directions when they close or open. Also, a secure inner gate must be included.


Elevator Telephone

In remote areas, especially exclusive residential structures, an elevator telephone is usually legally required. This is used in any case there would be a mechanical failure. Aside from that, alarm buttons and emergency lights are also included inside an elevator.

Automated Delivery Machines

These have also been provided in modern delivery elevators. There is also a control feature operates the automated recovery device. The coach gets the load, and it is pulled into a coach, which moves to the selected floor where it will be delivered.

There you have it! The next time someone asks you if it is called an elevator or lift, you can already provide the correct answer with additional trivia and facts that you can share with someone who asks.

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