Water Damage Restoration Services

Do the possible dangerous effects of dirty water contamination bother you? Do you seek professional help to prevent this from happening? Worry no more as Astracast is just a call away. Our water damage restoration specialists are always here to help you 24 hours a day all year long.

The first thing we do is conduct an on-site visit and give an evaluation as to how we can effectively address your concerns. To make this water damage restoration process as stress-free as possible for you, we will speak and work alongside your insurance provider. There are steps you can follow to minimize the possible water damages either in your home or office.

  • Disconnect the water supply if needed.
  • Cut off the electricity to affected areas.
  • Safely unplug computers and appliances and transfer them to a secure place.
  • Take out pieces of furniture and other movable things.
  • Record the water damage and personal belongings losses.

Flood Damage Restoration

The flood can be a devastating phenomenon which can happen anytime. That is why Astracast flood damage restoration professionals are always ready for any flood emergency. There are numerous possible reasons why your basement gets flooded. This may be due to excessive soil moisture around your house, overflowing of river or stream, a faulty sump pump, a defective storm sewer, a crack pipe, dysfunctional plumbing machinery or installation and even water leakage through walls or floors.

The damages inside your home, from the walls to the flooring, carpets and other personal belongings are inevitable when the flood is not immediately and effectively handled. This can also turn your home into a breeding ground of insects, microorganisms and moulds. Never let this happen to your home; call Astracast now.