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Many people often get confused differentiating between a roofer, roofing contractor, and a roof plumber same as they do get confused with new roof cost and a roof cleaning cost. At times, people think that they carry out the same work when dealing with a house. However, it is not so since they are very different experts working on different parts of a home.

So, who are they, and what are their roles when constructing a house?

A roofer

A roofer is a term used to describe a person who works and fixes roofs of houses. They are often referred to as roofing contractors since they are licensed to carry out a particular task. Many people are asked to check a roofer’s credibility before they decide on hiring him/her so that their roofs may be made appropriately. People are also invited to ask them for samples of their previous works before deciding to hire them.

House owners are advised to avoid hiring unqualified roofers who may damage their roofs. Some of the qualities to consider before hiring one include;

  • Experience- a roofer should have done previous works for a long time.
  • Good reputation- he/she should be easy to work with without any issues.
  • Quality of materials and tools- a roofer should have up-to-date equipment for roofing.
  • Good communication skills- he/she should be able to communicate well with house owners.

A roofing contractor

A roofing contractor is known to have a license that has been issued by the government that he/she is well trained to repair roofs. The majority of the time, they do the work themselves without any assistance. However, a subcontractor may be hired from a company at a specific time if the roofing contractor is not available.

Some roofing contractors usually work for a roofing company, and they rarely undertake roofing activities alone. Some of the qualities to consider before hiring one include;

  • Well trained- he/she should have the ability to deal with any roof-related issues.
  • Work contract- they should work with a trustworthy roofing company to take care of both parties.
  • Material quality- they should have the best equipment when repairing roofs.
  • Good communication skills- they should be able to communicate effectively to clients on behave of the roofing company.

Roof plumber

A roof plumber is a person who usually deals with gutter installation, rainwater, and flashings for both private households and commercial, residential homesteads. They are also known to do roof sheeting and installation of wall cladding to the houses. They are well trained to interpret technical illustrations of a home to understand how to install a drainage system on a roof.

They are also known to calculate the roofing angles to perfection to know where to fit the gutters. This process ensures that a water tank can hold water to its maximum capacity without any issue. A roof plumber may work for a private company or the government. Some qualities to consider before hiring one include;

  • Well trained- they should be well trained to manage roof plumbing.
  • Good equipment- they should use the latest equipment when installing gutters.
  • Licensed- they should have credibility from the government or company to work on roofs.

It is crucial to understand the differences between the three professionals before deciding to hire them.

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