Instagram Stories Tips for Plumbing as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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While other social media giants are the leading platforms with most business accounts using social media marketing to gain more customers and fanexplosion erfahrungen. Instagram, on the other hand, is slowly rising to the top and gaining attention to business owners. Instagram also appears to be a leading source for repairs like plumbing.

Most users check business profile’s feed and stories, making it one of the most effective marketing tools in catching attention and growing your business. Below are some tips in using Instagram story to gain more attention, neglecting the competitive feed algorithm, and for you to stand out in a competitive market as a plumber:

Use Stories as a Marketing Tool

Content marketing is considered as one of the best ways to attract users online for any businesses, including plumbing. This particular approach is different from the traditional ones where you post content that is focused on information and services. The main goal is to anticipate your followers’ needs and answer their questions and queries.

As much as possible, try to use Instagram Stories as a content marketing strategy for your plumbing business to share important information such as tips on keeping your household maintained regardless of the season, a glimpse of the behind-the-scene in repairing, and advice on how to locate leaks.

The information you are giving must be very helpful whether it’s in your area or another place. Instagram stories are also the best place to show off your business. Post photos of you and your team for your followers to know you better.

Encourage Engagement through Questions and Poll Stickers

To encourage more engagement from your followers, use questions and add poll stickers to your stories. To make your stories more interesting and pleasing to the eyes, you may add text and auto-generated icons like emoji, temperature, and time. Here are some contents you must add to engage more with your customers.

  • Questions – By asking questions, you will know your customers better, and this will help you serve them better. This is also a great way to make a connection and start a relevant conversation to create a great sense of belongingness to your clients.
  • Poll – By posting a poll, you may create an opportunity for them to engage and participate.
  • Location – A great way to attract attention within your service area is by tagging popular places.
  • Countdown – The countdown has always created excitement for people. You may post a countdown to big events coming up in your area to let them know you are involved.

Maintaining and Monitoring your Account

You should make sure your account is being monitored from time to time. Your direct messages must be checked and inquiries must be answered at all times. Since Instagram’s algorithm is more on engagement, you have to keep posting content to keep your followers more engaged. As much as possible, post content with important and relevant plumbing information.

It is very essential to learn and understand how the social media platform you’re using works to get the best advantage in promoting your business. Using Instagram Stories will certainly make your account worth viewing and following.

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