Advantages of Using Softphones instead of Desk Phones for your Business

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Working outside the office has become a trend in the past few years. In 2017, a Gallup survey gave information about 43 percent of Americans spending some of their time working outside of their offices. This is same as virtual PBX provider but they do custom work. And this trend has increased by 4 percent since 2012. Instead of using desk phones, some companies have given their employees the option of using Softphones as one of their Business Phone Solutions.

What is a Soft Phone

A softphone is a software plan that allows you to make telephone calls on the Internet using a computer. This program helps employees stay linked to the company even when working outside of their office sites. Also, Softphones allow video calling and holding conferences, chatting, messaging, voice mailing, etc. This software program is readily accessible for almost all types of devices.

Advantages of Using Softphones

•Carry your Business with you wherever you need to go

Employees working from home or those who need to go on a business trip can always have their Softphones at hand. They can easily access their phones on their desktops, whether they are still in their house, at a client’s office, or a coffee shop. With the use of one of the best Business Phone Solutions, which is the softphone, employees are readily available to answer calls or initiate outgoing calls.

•User-Friendly Innovations

Softphones offer shortcuts and developments such as:

•Call transfer

With a simple click in the softphone system and will transfer calls over to your co-worker’s name.

•Voicemail System

Check your voicemail messages in a visual form. Softphones give you the option of playing, deleting, configuring voicemails, and change other settings from the system.

•Receive on time Notifications

Softphones will notify you through pop-ups of incoming calls with the caller’s information seen on your desktop.

•Formally entertain video calls and video meetings

Softphones are the solution to the problem of having to host meetings with outside clients and contractors. Moreover, some Softphones allow you to lead a video meeting call involving multiple people. With the use of Softphones, you can assemble all staff members. This is possible even for those who are working outside the office for an important business meeting.

•Orderly work environment

Remove all the wirings involved in using desk phones and consider your office neat. Plus, save space and free your office from the unnecessary mess with the use of Softphones.

•Keep your Privacy

Softphones are linked to a phone system on the Internet, they are plainly out of site objects on that system. Workers who are still on the way can make use of it to answer urgent calls from the office without having to share their numbers.

Final Thoughts

In our modern world, enhancements in technology have, in some way, made people’s working lives more comfortable and better. Softphones have become one the Best Phone Solutions ever created for all types of businesses. Therefore, it should be considered as an alternative for the conventional desk phones that your current company is using as of the moment.

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