What Should Plumbers Wear at Work?

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Though plumbers are one of the highest-paid professionals in the trade industry, the risk of potential hazard and accident is high too. That is why, like many skilled professionals, plumbers wear proper working attire and safety gears. Below is the standard set of custom t shirts Canada that plumbers should wear while at work.

Plumber’s Work Boots

Not like a regular pair of boots, a plumber’s work boots are made with a denser rubber to provide additional protection and safety for the feet from hazardous water and industrial materials. In line with this, the plumber’s work boots have steel toe edges, which serve as protection in case heavy or sharp objects fall directly to their feet.

Plumber’s Work Jackets and T-Shirts

Plumbers’ working place involves difficult areas to access that’s why comfort is needed in their clothing. Wearing tight-fitting clothes would just limit their movement, affecting their ability and making them prone to accident. Plumber’s custom t-shirts promote comfort and flexibility for work. Also, work jackets let the plumbers enter narrow spaces with ease without the danger of tearing or getting any damage.

Plumber’s Work Trousers

All skilled workers should wear trousers. However, a plumber’s work trousers are somewhat different as they are made of thicker materials and have several pockets to store accessories, tools, and other equipment. This style helps a lot for plumbers as they no longer need to go back and forth their truck to get additional supplies and fittings.

Being a plumber requires tons of work under and on the floor and in confined spaces. Sometimes, the best way to access and operate these areas is by kneeling. This is why some work trousers have knee pads. These give extra protection to the plumber’s knees, preventing joint injuries as well as long-term bad effects on health.


Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is an extremely important part of workwear for plumbers. Some of the most used safety gears by plumbers include a respirator, goggles, hard hats, and gloves.

A respirator is needed to protect from inhaling dangerous contaminants. Usually, a plumber uses it when dealing with risky chemicals, performing woodworks using circular saws and woodcutters, and in more serious cases, when dealing with gas leaks.

Gloves are used to protect the plumber’s hands since contact with sewer water, chemicals, and other harmful substance is inevitable in this line of work. They can also prevent infection if the plumber’s hands have scratches or wounds.

Safety Goggles are needed when plumbers do hammering, drilling, unclogging a drain, working under a sink, or whenever there’s a potential threat to the eyes.

Since plumbers often work under the sink, they wear hard hats to avoid any head injuries caused by solid surface and falling objects.


So, these are the things plumbers wear to ensure their safety and good health. If you’re planning to become one, invest in and put on superior protective gears to help diminish plumbing-connected circumstances which will allow you to have more time to relish the joy of becoming a plumber.

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