How to Use Plunger for Clogged Sink

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So your sink is clogged and you’ve already tried various ways from pouring down boiling water to using a Drain-O, but nothing works. A plunger might be the one thing you need. A plunger is a remarkably efficient clog-busting device, but to make sure that its plunging force is supplied straight to the clog, it is essential that you cover any open air holes in the sink.

For bathroom sink, cover the overflow hole that is located at the side of the sink using your thumb when plunging. If you have a dual-basin kitchen sink, get a damp cloth and cover it to one of the sink drains before plunging the other sink drain. Unable to cover these drain holes will vastly lessen the air pressure produced by the plunger. In addition, fill up the drain pipe with water and wear a safety goggle before you begin plummeting. Always remember to never plunge a sink that is treated with chemical cleaning agents as you could get burn if these chemicals splash out towards you. Now that you’re ready using the plunger, here is the proper way to do it:

  • Tightly push down the rubber cup of the plunger over the sink drain hole.
  • Then, start pumping the handle in up and down motion for several times. See to it that the drain seal will not be broken.
  • After four to five pressure pumps, swiftly pull the plunger out of the sink drain.
  • Replenish the drainpipe with water and repeat the process. Be patient as it may take a few tries to get the job done.

Call for professional help if the problem still persists.

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